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Hi, I'm Anjali Shri, the person behind Fibromyalgia Pain Cure Website. 

If you or anyone you know in your family suffers from the painful fibromyalgia condition, then I can understand the pain because I have gone through the same condition. 

I am sure you are here because you want to know more about this chronic condition, and looking for a ray of hope - the magical cure - which will relieve your pain. 

Unfortunately, there is no magical cure, but there are things you can do to contain this condition and live a healthy and pain-free life. Now that is good news!!!

Another good news is that it is not a life threatening condition. With the help of traditional and alternative medicines you will feel better.. much better!!. 

My aim with this website is to provide you all the resources and tools necessary to live healthy and fibromyalgia pain free life. There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding this condition that it is important that we first clarify some common myths surrounding fibromyalgia. 

Myths about Fibromyalgia

Myth #1: Fibromyalgia is not real

No one knows for sure what causes fibromyalgia. Currently more research are underway to understand the actual cause of fibromyalgia. But many experts believe that is mainly caused because of the trauma, such as injury, chronic stress, or some issues with the central nervous system. 

Recent studies have shown that some other factors such as genetics, infections, and trauma may also trigger the fibromyalgia flares in people. 


It is estimated that over 8 million people in North America alone suffer from chronically painful fibromyalgia condition. Ignoring the problem will not let it go away. The sooner you accept that fibromyalgia is real and long term problem, the sooner you can work toward finding the solution

Recently there has been much awareness about this illness and in coming future more breakthrough research is expected to happen. 

Myth #2:  Fibromyalgia only affects women


Although women are the primary sufferers of fibromyalgia, many men have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia too. Studies have found that fibromyalgia can affect children and adult as well. As per a report published in Science daily, the hormones, immune system differences, brain chemistry and genetics are the most common reason for developing fibromyalgia in different gender. 

It is found that fibromyalgia can happen at any age and gender. People in the age of 20-60 years are most likely affected by it, and it peaks around the age of 35 years. Besides, individuals who have someone in their family affected with fibromyalgia are also more likely to develop the same conditions. 

Myth #3:  Fibromyalgia can not be treated

It is true that as of right now there is no permanent cure for fibromyalgia, but this condition is not progressive or fatal. You have several tools and techniques which can help you suppress your pain and symptoms. 


Fibromyalgia not only affect you but also the people surrounding you such as your family and friends.  These people need to have some understanding of what you need from them, whether you tell them that you have fibromyalgia or not. 

When you have fibromyalgia, you can take over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions medications such as muscle relaxants or painkillers. Also, by changing your lifestyle which includes more physical activity, choice of foods you eat and the overall happiness in your life will drastically reduce the fibromyalgia symptoms. 

De-stressing yourself, improving your sleep quality, exercising regularly and paying attention to your emotions will help you to feel better and reduce the fatigue and pain you have. 

Why you should follow Fibromyalgia Pain Cure

You can read more about me and my story of how I started Fibromyalgia Pain Cure here.  My goal is to bring honest, genuine, actionable health advice to as many people as possible. Help you or your loved one who is suffering from fibromyalgia so they can have pain free quality life.

In short, Fibromyalgia Pain Cure is for people who want to: 

  • Get relief from a pain
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Not feel depressed or overwhelmed
  • Improve memory and cognitive skills

We cover all sorts of topics related to Fibromyalgia and overall healthy living. Some of the topics we cover are: 

  • Cutting edge fibromyalgia research and updates
  • Recognize key fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Review of Breakthrough drugs to treat fibromyalgia
  • Tips and tricks of exercise, losing weight and healthy foods
  • Handle mood swings and emotions
  • Alternative remedies such as natural and organic foods and medicines
  • Information about Hands-On therapies

How Are We different?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic medical condition. It results in severe pain and has a negative impact on quality of life. Many people, including doctors, think that is another catch-all disease name. 

Very minimal information is available about fibromyalgia. Some of that information is for promotional purposes promoting pills or medicines. 

Having a paid and biased review of the product is not helpful for the end user of the product. 

We have following goals at Fibromyalgia Pain Cure:

  • Cutting Edge Research: We want you to be well informed about the latest research and new discoveries regarding fibromyalgia and the potential treatments. Our team of expert read scientific journal and studies to refine the medical information and present in simple language so average people from a non-medical background can easily understand and keep up with the latest information. 
  • Everyday Simple Advice: Our easy to implement advice is geared toward real people. We don't recommend information which can only be achieved by hiring professionals in those areas. 
  • Detailed Step-By-Step-Approach: Much of our advice is presented in a series of action steps for you to follow. It makes you to implement it quickly in your busy schedule.
  • Unbiased Product Review: Our product reviews are impartial and based on the several quality criteria. We don't promote a product for payments and do our due diligence to recommend products which meets the quality standards and we reasonably believe will help users.
  • Result Oriented: We don't believe in giving fluffy advices. Our advice focus on the easiest things which give you the maximum pain relief. We don't advice you to take useless pills which won't produce the desired result. Our focus in on YOU and to make you feel better, so we focus on what works. 

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Anjali Shri

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